SEPTEMBER 14, 2018

Screening for Minneapolis police recruits is concerning

By Gary Fischler

The psychological exams have consequences, and the example of Officer Mohamed Noor, who fatally shot Justine Damond, is a window into the process.


MARCH 9, 2018

‘I’ll kill you’: Threats and violence from the school workers who may soon carry guns

By Kathleen McGrory, Neil Bedo, Langston Taylor and Adam Playford

Some school employees in Florida will soon be able to carry weapons to protect against school shooters. But at least 19 times, such employees have shown dangerous behavior themselves.Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill Friday that lets some school employees carry guns on campus.



Survival (Because) of the Fittest

Fitness for Duty Evaluations are Standard for Those Whose Jobs Affect Public Safety

by Katherine Schreiber

OF THE 326 MILLION inhabitants of the United States, only one is empowered to launch a nuclear weapon that endangers the existence of the seven-plus billion people sharing the planet. The only requirement for holding that power is being a natural-born citizen over 35 years of age…


DECEMBER 14, 2017

Minimizing Mental Fitness

Minneapolis police recruits get less psychological testing than they used to
By Curtis Gilbert

The circumstances that led to the death of Justine Damond Ruszczyk this past summer in Minneapolis left people wondering what went through the mind of the police officer who shot her. The president of the Minneapolis City Council quickly called for better…


JULY 25, 2017

How Minnesota determines who’s fit—and unfit—to be a police officerBy Greta Kaul

There is no standard battery of tests, but psychologists who specialize in this type of evaluation often follow guidelines from the International Association of Chiefs of Police, said Gary Fischler, a licensed psychologist who specializes in police and public safety psychology…


january 8, 2017

Frustration grows with Minneapolis police psychological screening processBy Libor Jany

Critics say Minneapolis police screenings unfairly disqualify some, lack transparency. Amid questions over transparency, a top Minneapolis police official last week said the department is reviewing its process for rooting out potentially…


NOVEMBER 14, 2015

In Minn., officers get psych evaluation before they get badgeBy Amy Forliti

The proper schooling, physical agility and a felony-free background aren’t enough to land a job as a police officer in Minnesota. Here, if you want to be a cop, a state trooper, a sheriff’s deputy or any other type of peace officer, you also have to undergo a psychological evaluation.